This person, there has been a gap in time. Maybe you went to school together or you played a sport or used to work together. FIRST, you will catch up and build rapport. How are the kids, family, etc. CARE about them. Then when Suzie says anything like “I work too much,” “I want more time” “I am tired” “I am stressed” “My husband is a pain” “Need more money” then you will come out with...

“Suzie, This may or may not be a fit for you. But I think you are XYZ (Compliment and build them up here) and it would mean the world to me if you would take a look at what I am doing."

**This could be something we can do together

**I am building something epic in the health and wellness space and I would love to do it together.

**I think we could do this together”

Then say,

“Do you have 20 min? I would love to show you what I am doing.”

From here send them The Opportunity Presentation.

1. Liz O'Keefe’s video: (female)

2. Ben Stephenson Recording (a male)

You can use things like:


“Imagine us traveling together”

“Imagine us building this together and being recognized together”

“Imagine having enough income to stay home with your kids without worrying about bills”

These help our prospects forward think and create in their mind.


What would you like to know first?

If you are unsure about this part, get them introduced to Kim or Myself in a 3-way chat. We will help from here.

Get used to talking about BOTH the products and the opportunity. It’s in their best interest to help 2 people and get it for free and it's in our best interest to help them with that.


Warm Market

“Hey, I am doing this. It's freaking EPIC and XYZ you what I do always works (XYZ Use your own words) Let's crush this together?

We are great/best friends in life. Let’s be great/best friends in business too."

Use the Imagine Sentences

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