Invite Script Template: 


If you’re a rookie: 

(NAME) - I can't wait to catch up with you but I'm calling for a specific reason. I'd like to share some personal news regarding a career pivot I've recently made. 


If you’re a veteran: 

(NAME) - I hope you’re healthy and safe! What a crazy turn the world has taken. NAME, I can’t wait to catch up and have a good, long chat, but right now, I’m reaching out for a specific reason. I know we've chatted about Isagenix in the past, but this company, our team and the products have evolved to a whole new level and I realize that my involvement up until now has simply been a warm up for right now, right here.


Ask Permission: 

(NAME) Would it be ok if I take just a couple minutes to let you know what I'm doing and why?


Share Your Why:

Examples - 

  • My family is really worried about money and I want to contribute.

  • I feel compelled to share the benefits of this nutrition with everyone.

  • We are experiencing a global health & financial crises the likes of which this world has never seen and I want to be part of the solution.


Why You Chose Isagenix

(NAME) After experiencing transformational results from a 30 day metabolic reset designed to cleanse and fortify the body, I felt compelled to share the benefits with everyone I know and love. Learning that an income opportunity behind the products exists, I performed my due diligence and realized that I've found my calling.


Share a little bit of WHO we are:

  • Provides the opportunity to open your own virtual, premium wholesale account to redirect the dollars you're currently spending towards upgrading your nutrition.

  • Access to products and systems in virtually all categories of wellness.

  • The products are accessible (delivered right to your door), convenient (easy to travel with and fast) and cost effective.

  • The combined intellectual capital on the scientific advisory board keeps us on the cutting edge of nutrition as we continue to evolve and implement new products & formulations based on the latest science and research.

  • Proven, unprecedented results backed by independent clinical studies.


If you want to be followed you need to know where you’re going and commit:

So I'm ready to sprint with this company and, although I believe everyone can benefit from the products, I'm looking to put together my dream team and you’re on my short list.


I thought of you because...

  • I know how committed you are to your own health and if you have results you would rock this!

  • Everyone love you. You are one of the most driven and influential people I know and this could be a custom fit for you.

  • We've worked together before and been overworked and overpaid. It would be a dream come true to lock arms and make a significant impact on our own lives and the lives of others.


May or May not be a fit for you: 

Now (NAME), this may or may not end up being a fit for you, but if I were to send you a link to a video which would take you about 15 minutes to watch, would you be open to taking a look at why I'm so excited about this?


Send them the link to

Great! I'll send you a link to our team website. The video on the home page will give you a high level of who we are and the opportunity available to you both physically and financially.  The next step, assuming you are willing to give it a try, would be to get you set you up on a product system that meets your goals and budget. With our 30 day money back guarantee, there is certainly no risk. 


You’re on an awareness campaign

And (NAME) pressure. As I'm getting my business launched, the more people that know what I'm doing the better. I appreciate getting your feedback and would love to see what kind of results you would get on the products!

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